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✏️ School Subjects


Day School

Day School (aka “Daycare”) is suited for all types of dogs. Yes, even you couch potatoes! We welcome all types of characters; Whether you’re a social butterfly, wall-flower, looking to expand your friend circle, or maybe in search of your first ever group of friends… this is the house for you!


Canine Carpool

Yes… your kiddo can ride the school bus to and from school as much as you’d like! Talk about the best photo opp… and best way to start your pup’s day! We have the best bus drivers that make sure all dogs are harnessed in safely.



Sleepovers are a class favorite… maybe because they get to soak up a full day of recess before enjoying a big ole slumber party with their friends! We have a big sleepover room where the kids fall asleep and wake up to faces new and old… and learn who farts in their sleep! #LOL #SleepTalking


Park adventure

If your dog doesn't need a full day of school, but they have a little too much energy when you get home from work, this is the service for them. For 1 hour, we'll get them out of the house to enjoy some fresh air and plenty of exercise.



At The Doghouse we stick to what we’re good at, which is sending the kids home happy, healthy, and clean after letting them do what they’re good at… playing in the yard! #MudMasks You can always schedule baths on school dayz to clean off the day! Even if your kiddo doesn’t have a scheduled bath, we make sure your pup goes home as clean as they arrived.


Neighborhood Walk

For 30 minutes, we’ll take your fur baby on a stroll around the neighborhood to get them out of the house for some exercise and potty break. This is great for young lads or ladies who are too young to start school or need to work on socialization before coming to school!


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