🚍 Canine Carpool

This doggy school bus runs for all your transportation needs. We can pick up and drop off your pup from Day School or Boarding at your convenience wether you’re at home or at work! You let us know what times work best for you and we can be there. If you will not be home just let us know the necessary information needed to pick up and drop off your pup(s)!

Pick-up & Drop-off Pricing: 

Zone 1 β€” $5  (0-2 miles)

Zone 2 β€” $10  (2-4 miles)

Zone 3 β€” $15  (4-6 miles)

Zone 4 β€” $20  (6-8 miles)

Zone 5 β€” $25  (8-10 miles)

Zone 6 β€” $30  (10-12 miles)

*Availability may vary depending on extreme weather conditions.

**Canine Carpool prices are per dog.