Our daycare program is best suited for dogs who are active, social, and looking for fun while their owners are at work. A typical day at daycare involves supervised play time, space to rest, photo ops, field trips and even art or music class.

Safety is our number one priority, so before your dog has their first day at The Doghouse it is mandatory that we sit down with you and your dog(s) to make sure we’re the right fit. During this initial consultation, we will discuss all of your dog’s specific needs. Upon acceptance you will be able to book all your appointments on our website.

On your dog’s first day at The Doghouse they will receive a personalized bag suited to their personality. They’ll get to bring home journals from the day, Polaroid's of their friends, and gain Doghouse patches as they meet milestones along the way. This bag is also a practical way to send your dog to daycare with all of their personal items. 

Whether you're in a hurry or running behind, we've got you covered with our Canine Carpool service. (See pricing and details below.)

Daycare is offered Monday-Friday starting at $30/day per dog.

**Availability may vary depending on extreme weather conditions.


Pick-up Times

Monday-Sunday: We prefer you pick up by 6pm, or you will be charged a late fee.

*If your dog is picked up after 6PM, you will incur late fees up to $30. If you know you are going to be running late, please give us ample time to plan accordingly.


Canine Carpool

Pick-up & Drop-off Pricing: 

Zone 1 — $5  (0-2 miles)

Zone 2 — $10  (2-4 miles)

Zone 3 — $20  (4-6 miles)

Zone 4 — $25  (6-8 miles)

Zone 5 — $30  (8-12 miles)

*Availability may vary depending on extreme weather conditions.

*Canine Carpool prices are per dog.