đź“š Day School

We like to refer to “Daycare” around this house as “Day School”

Every day is a dog’s day at this house! That means, every day is awesome, magical, and unpredictable—to an extent—in the best way possible. We follow a structured schedule that varies depending on the weather and activities of the day. Most days our students are out playing, whether it be in the backyard, outdoor shed, or upstairs on the 2nd or 3rd floor all day long except for nap/lunch time.

Depending on the needs of each pup and of course the temperature outside, we might settle down for 2 shorter naps as needed. But be rest assured all you fur parents, your kid is here to be active and social… in whatever way that means for him or her.

On your dog’s 1st day of school, they will receive a personalized bag suited to their personality. They’ll get to bring home journals from the day, pics of their friends, and gain Doghouse patches and pins as they meet milestones along the way. The school bag is also a practical way to send your dog to daycare with all of their personal items. 

Daycare is offered Mon-Sat and Sun upon request!

Pick-up Times:

Monday-Saturday: We prefer you pick up by 6pm, or you will be charged a late fee.

**If your dog is picked up after 6PM, you will incur late fees starting at $10. If you know you are going to be running late, please give us a heads up!