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Day School

Our Day School program (aka “Daycare”) is best suited for dogs who are active, social, and looking for fun while their owners are at work. A typical day at school involves supervised play time, space to rest, photo ops, field trips and sometimes even art or music class.

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Neighborhood Walks

Leaving your dog at home during a work day can be hard. To help your dog avoid boredom or leaving accidents around the house, we'll pick them up for a 30 minute stroll around your neighborhood.

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It’s important that your dog feels at home and comfortable during their sleepover at The Doghouse. All dogs will receive a healthy amount of human interaction and the freedom to roam while you're away.

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Park Adventure

If your dog doesn't need a full day of daycare, but they have a little too much energy when you get home from work, this is the service for them. For one or two hours during the day, we'll get your dog out of the house to enjoy some fresh air. This is a great way for your pup to get some exercise and become more socialized around other dogs.

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At The Doghouse we stick to what we’re good at—which is sending dogs home happy and healthy. We would love to give your dog a good scrub and a blow-dry before they hop in your car after leaving The Doghouse.

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