🛁 Hygiene

At The Doghouse we stick to what we’re good at—which includes a good cleaning.

We have a variety of options to best fit your needs. If your dog is in need of a basic bath, go for our bath, blow-dry, and bandana service. This includes a good scrub, brushing, blow-dry, ear cleaning, and nail trim.

If you're looking for a more advanced bath service, our full service groom services are temporarily on hold while we search for the best groomer in town! That just means we will not be able to do any hair cutting in the meantime… all other services are still available!

We have plenty of add-on services such as, whitening shampoos, teeth brushing, doggy facials, and deshedding treatments that you can opt in for when you book your service. 

The Doghouse uses a hypoallergenic shampoo to bathe all our dogs. If your dog needs a medicated bath, we're happy to help but just ask that you please provide your own supplies.

Pricing varies on the condition of your dog's coat and size.