Pricing Overview



Every day is a dog’s day at The Doghouse. That means, every day is awesome, magical, and unpredictable—to an extent—in the best way possible. We follow a structured schedule that varies depending on the weather and activities of the day. Most days our students are out playing, wether it be in the backyard, outdoor shed, or upstairs on the 2nd or 3rd floor all day long except for a hearty nap/lunch time midday. Depending on the needs of each pup and of course the temperature outside, we might settle down for 2 shorter naps as needed. But be rest assured all you fur parents, your pup is here to be active and social… in whatever way that means for him or her.

One Day Rates

Full Day $30

Half Day (5+ Hours) $20

Half Day (-5 Hours) $15


5 Day Package ($28 per day | Expiration: 45 days) $140

10 Day Package ($28 per day | Expiration: 90 days) $280

20 Day Package ($27 per day | Expiration: 140 days) $540

30 Day Package ($26.67 per day | Expiration: 180 days) $800

***If you do not cancel within 24 hours, you will be invoiced or charged for your daycare appointment. This is due to our limited space and class size.


Canine Carpool

Each zone is priced per dog for a round trip pick-up and drop-off. If you want a one-way ride it is still the same price. If you have 2+ dogs getting picked up or dropped off at the same location, each dog needs to pay the full price of the trip. We have to operate this way due to limit space on The Magic School Bus as well as a limited 2 hour window to make the bus route around town in time.

Bus Zones

Zone 1 (0-2 miles) $5

Zone 2 (2.1-4 miles) $10

Zone 3 (4.1-6 miles) $15

Zone 4 (6.1-8 miles) $20

Zone 5 (8.1-10 miles) $25

Zone 6 (10.1-12 miles) $30

Zone 7 (12.1-14 miles) $35



The DOGS ARE working on adding pricing overview SECTIONS for the following services TO THIS PAGE: Grooming, Neighborhood WalkS, and Park AdventureS!

In the meantime, you can find pricing info for these services under “Book Now.”



Boarding is basically just daycare + a good ole overnight sleepover with the pack. Each night of boarding includes daycare in the initial price. Just like hotels work, if you do not “check out” on your departure day by 11 AM Monday-Saturday you will be charged a boarding/daycare discounted fee of $20. If you’re picking up on Sunday, this extra charge does not apply. Sundays we have one pick up window open between 4PM-6PM.

Nightly Rates

Small (0-30lbs) $45

Medium (31-50lbs) $48

Large (51-80lbs) $51

Extra Large (81+) $54

*Each additional dog will receive 10% OFF the total of their boarding stay. This does not include add-on services like baths or food for example.

**Daycare is included in boarding, excluding the day of departure.  On departure day, if you do not check-out by 11AM Monday-Saturday you will be charged a $20 daycare boarding fee.

***If you do not cancel within 24 hours, you will be invoiced or charged 50% of the total boarding cost. This is due to our limited space and class size.


The Snack Bar

We have your hungry hungry hippo covered when it comes to grub.


Fromm (Classic Adult) $5

Fromm (Classic Puppy) $5

Fromm (Gold Adult Grain-Free) $7

Fromm (Gold Salmon & Chicken) $4.75/can

Fresh Meal Friday $5

Snack Bar

PB Kong Treat $3.50

Bully Sticks $3.99

Homemade Treats $2.50


  • $4 per dose for dogs < 25lbs

  • $6 per dose for dogs 25-50lbs

  • $8 per dose for dogs 50-75lbs

  • $10 per dose for dogs 75lbs-up

CBD Doggy Peanut Butter Goo $10